Sunday, January 27, 2013

Being Contagious

Well it’s the flu season again and everywhere you go you run into someone that is sick or just getting over being sick. Some say the virus is in the air, others say that coming in contact with people that are sick passes it on to you. Some may have low immune systems.  More than likely it is all of the above. The fact of the matter is it's all around us and you can’t get away from it. So you do what you know to do, you start eating better, bundling up when you go out, and you wash your hands a lot. But it seems with all the effort we put into it we still end up getting sick. 
Now let’s stop and take a look at this on the spiritual side. If we get so full of GOD, that maybe we could become contagious, and start spreading the good news, that there is hope for all who call on his great name! There can be something in the air because of us. It can be joy, and peace, and confidence that GOD hears and answers our prayers and that things can change because of who we serve. We can also reach out and touch someone with kindness and mercy. 
One of the things we can do to build our spiritual immune system is to just be a doer of the word, not only read and hear it, but put it in to our daily lives. This not only builds our immune system but infects others around us by giving them confidence that it can be done. By following GOD with all our heart and walking in his word, others will not be able to help but to catch the spirit and be changed. 

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