Friday, April 11, 2014

The Power of Heat

Job 24:19—“Drought and heat consume the snow waters.”

If you are one of those people who enjoy winter, 2014 was your year! Nice and cold and plenty of snow!  For me, snow gives the earth  a peaceful look. But, as you know, when the temperature gets above freezing, the snow melts away. The Scripture says that “Drought and heat consume the snow waters.”
There is something powerful about heat. Snow will pack hard enough for sledding and sleigh riding, yet the heat can melt it down to nothing. You know when the heat shows up. You feel different. You might even need some cool water.
Read Genesis 18:1. The Lord appeared at their tent in the heat of the day. When God shows up in your life, the temperature changes, you feel warmer, you feel warmer and energized! Those cold snowy feelings begin to melt away.
With the bright light of the SON shining on you, your life is brighter. No longer are you having to scrape away the snow, rather you are singing like a song bird. Spring has sprung. Life has budded again. You feel warm and revived. I’m ready to cuddle up with Jesus and let his heat melt my heart and the coldness in my life.

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